Propolis extract

The principal extracts of this product

The aqueous extract

The oily extract

comb honey Propolis extract is the great hope for the modern pharmacy which is aimed at preparing of active principles hundred percent compatible with the system the defense and protection of the human organism. It is the hope of producing medications truly performant in treating the cancer in general. The researchers who studies the bees have found that hive is the most sterile habitat because of propolis. Propolis extract has numerous benefits because it has properties,  disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, antiacne, cicatrizing, anesthetics, antioxidant, anti-dandruff, protection of ultraviolet radiation and preservatives.                                                                                        The principal extracts of this product:                                                                                        The aerosol                                                                                        It uses 15-20 drops of alcohol solution (tincture) of                                                                                        propolis diluted with distilled water in the proportion                                                                                        of 1/1. Are being made 2 sessions per day for 5                                                                                        minutes each for a period of 15-20 days.                                                                                        The tincture                                                                                        The tincture is an alcoholic extract which contains                                                                                        30% (15%) propolis.                                                                                        An efficient method administration of this miraculous                                                                                        product, is tincture.                                                                                        The tincture is obtained by introducing finely crumbled                                                                                        propolis in alcohol of 85-95 * Best is recommended the                                                                                        alcohol of rye. For that this can be easily crumbled,                                                                                        must be kept in the freezer.                                                                                        From the 200ml Alcohol of 90 * and 60gr (30gr) propolis,                                                                                        is make a of 30% alcohol solution (15%). Is kept in the                                                                                        dark for 7-10 days,  period in which shake from time to time.                                                                                        Can be noticed that alcoholic extract has a color dark                                                                                        reddish brown and is filed bottom of the pot,  particles and wax undissolved. Is filtered twice through a piece of lint,  packet made up of two piece of lint with wool in the middle. After filtration is obtained  a clearly liquid of brown color or reddish. Is kept in the bottles tightly closed of dark in color. The tincture is best administered on sugar, bread or honey. Sometimes administered with water or directly into the mouth, certain constituents of tincture is possible to precipitate. Before of administration do a test. The tincture is administered morning, 10-15 drops in children and 30-50 drops  to adults. Time of half a hour no longer eat and do not drink nothing, order to form layer of wax. Evening, before bedtime, take again the same quantity and with the same specs: at least half a hour to drink not anything and not to consume any aliment. This treatment is administered for 10 days followed by 10 days of rest, for then to recur cure of 10 days and so on, until begin to see the effects of treatment, and of course, depending of the doctor recommendation. Tincture in the cosmetics: if tincture is dripped on a dish and leave to the alcohol evaporate, can be obtained a paste, which, when mixed with other ingredients can be successfully used in cosmetic use. The aqueous extract This is diluted in water in quantities. Must be very fine grinded and mixed with water in the ratio 1:10. Is consumed after 10 hours. The soft extract is obtained from tincture  put into a large bowl, leaving to alcohol to evaporate. The oily extract Is prepared from 10 g of bee propolis combined with 200 g olive oil or 100 g butter. The mixture is heated gently on then bath of steam time 90-120 minutes at 50 degrees, stirring continuously. And then filtered and is kept in cool and dark place. The ointment In a cup (50 ml) of lard girded on the very low fire is put three tablespoons of tincture and a piece of wax the size of a peanut, then mix continuously for 10 minutes. Remove lard from the fire , then is mixed further until it hardens. The composition is kept in the fridge, using of externally for burns, for healing bruises and minor injuries,  against of eczema (especially those dry). The powder This has the consistency of plasticine at room temperature. Order to be finely grinded (with a grinder), it must be cooled, to be glassy, breakable. The powder so obtained shall kept in the dark pots in a cool and dark place (if it reaches the heat becomes again compactly). Propolis water Just as previously stated in contact with water,  this precipitate and becomes insoluble, losing most part of its qualities. However, research shows that a solution obtained from five teaspoons (approx. 25 ml) of tincture to a glass of water (200 ml) have therapeutic effects in certain cases, when simple tincture cannot be used because it has an action too harsh on the tissues. The water  obtained in the proportions that we have presented, has excellent effects against dental caries and stomatitis (are made careful rinses of the mouth after every wash your teeth)as well as in the treatment of genital affections in women (leucorrhea, cervicitis). The honey  with propolis Is obtained by combining a teaspoon of tincture  with 3 tablespoons of honey. This product is recommended for children, to which will be administrated half of a teaspoon 3 times a day, for strengthening the immune system and to combat respiratory and intestinal infections. These forms of preparation can be used as the basis for products: spray, inhalations, ointments, creams etc.
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