Composition and analysis of propolis

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Composition and Analysis of Propolis facebook button you tube button twitter button Composition and analysis of propolis Propolis is a substance with shades of light brown until dark brown and sometimes with green reflections, slightly soluble in water but perfect soluble in ether and alcohol . Its melting point is 60-70 ° C. At the temperature inside the hive is malleable and gets breakable at ambient temperatures. At present has a wide application in medical therapeutics the form of alcoholic extract, ointment or different other medicinal preparations.                                                                                        In the crude form, as are harvested from hive by                                                                                        scraping,  contains on average 30% wax, the rest                                                                                        being made up of resins, balsams, essential oils, and                                                                                         impurities remaining from bees, because they use this                                                                                        product to embalm immediately as what can not evacuate.                                                                                        Wax is a obligatory component of this compound.                                                                                        From this are extracted two types of wax compared with                                                                                        actual wax, extracted from the same hive:                                                                                        wax (about 17%) with similarities to actual wax and                                                                                        wax B (6%) completely different, resembling with                                                                                        vegetal waxes. The two waxes can be separated on                                                                                        the basis their different solubility in hot concentrated                                                                                        alcohol or diluted.                                                                                        Such an composition indicate a great complexity.                                                                                        Only among flavone, essential oils etc.. can be found                                                                                        dozens of substances of which will be tested biological                                                                                        properties.                                                                                        Analyze                                                                                        There is no standard method which permits identification                                                                                        of this product,  as it is identified in the royal jelly for example. But has been shown that analysis of pollen propolis is possible and that it allows tracing the geographical origin on a sample of a few grams. This is nothing surprising because it is known that he contains the pollen in appreciable quantity and that he constitutes an excellent means of conservare. This product in gross form obtained by scraping not require any special preparation, but can sort  fragments and remove large waste. Conservation not put any particular problem. This product is packed in sealed plastic bags in order to keep active principles, is placed in wooden crates lined with paper. On each crate which contains this product, is pasted a label that includes the name and address of the manufacturer, the product  characterization,  source of provenance,  time of harvest and gross and net weight. This product is soluble in ethyl alcohol to cold can be prepared easily filterable solutions. The wax is eliminated by the action of cold, because it is very slightly soluble in alcohol to low temperature. Propolis tincture (in the section of apitherapy) Because it has properties bactericides, of healing, has been used since ancient times in folk medicine to healing of wounds. For several years, under the influence of researches made on the constituents propolis of isolation and identification of active fractions it was found the appearance, especially in east countries of some preparations the type ointment, paste, aerosol etc., used for different affections especially cutaneous or of respiratory tract. For manufacture medicinal this product he is taught the factories or pharmacies. This compound can be purchased in two kinds: - usual propolis which coming from different plants or polygamist - uniplant or singl propolis, collected from a single plant. It should be presented as a solid mass, color brown-fawn, darker in color or lighter, gray-green, be homogenous or with mottled appearance on the sections,  his consistency to be viscous, sticky, kneaded in hand to leave traces, to have the pleasant smell,  characteristic of resin and concerning the purity, bear any traces hardly visible to the naked eye of fine impurities. However, to teaching should be between 50-55 resinous matters  and balsams , wax approx. 30%, etheric oils. approx. 14% and pollen 5% . Researching of this natural product helps,  from one day to another, to the important medical applications. But for the moment we are still forced to admit that this compound is a product with a variable composition and that we do not decisive progress than continuing the biochemical research having as their object more closely knowing of agents to which are owed biological properties found.   about natural products: Rosehip Oil Chamomile Tea Benefits   recent articles: