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Composition and Analysis of Propolis   about natural products: Rosehip Oil Chamomile Tea Benefits facebook button you tube button twitter button The benefits of propolis  have been known since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, sacerdoti priests used it to embalm deads, ensuring the mummies remained unaltered  throughout the millennia.  In Greece, the philosopher Aristotel believed that it was a „purification of wax” and recommended it as a remedy for bruises and discharging wounds.  Gradually, the benefits of propolis entered into popular medicine usage, although the actual explanations on the therapeutic effects were insufficiently known to the general public, being kept secret. Over 200 different diseases localized in different parties of the body can be treated through its benefits. Propolis is a combination of natural resinous compounds, beeswax and vegetable wax, harvested by bees from flowers, branches and bark of trees, shrubs, etc., in need to protect the bee colony against natural enemies and diseases. Its natural composition consists of phenolic compounds, flavonoids, aromatic aldehydes, vitamins and minerals, cumarins, which confers excellent benefits intended to ensure maintenance corresponding of the body functions.                                                                                        Propolis benefits for health.                                                                                        It is considered the natural product with the greatest                                                                                        power of healing.                                                                                        It is also an antibiotic effective enough, the best natural                                                                                        antibiotic because of the ferulic acid and of certain oils in                                                                                        its composition. Moreover, it has also antiviral                                                                                        properties, so that its action is more complex than that                                                                                        of antibiotics.                                                                                         It is useful in several disorders, in some of them it has                                                                                        great efficiency. This product, dissolved in alcohol as a                                                                                        tincture, is best assimilated by the body.                                                                                        We recommend that do not use water to dilute.                                                                                         It can be used both externally and  internally, being                                                                                        conditioned under many forms that allow the 2 types                                                                                        of administration.                                                                                        Internally, it can be used in form of tincture, honey                                                                                        with propolis, propolis water or tablets, and externally,                                                                                        either as a tincture or in creams and ointments.                                                                                          It has benefits in the treatment of the following diseases - is a good analgesic, through action on sensory nerve endings removes the pain of any kinds;  - it fights against circulatory disorder phenomena of inferior members - edema of legs, varices;  - lowers blood pressure and unwinds arteries, with hypotensive effects  - prevents hypercholesterolemia, lowering the cholesterol level and preventing fat deposits in artery walls, it is a good cardiovascular protector and beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis, disease that is usually followed by vascular accidents and infarctions (myocardial and cerebral infarctions are the most common for this disease);  - it has a very efficient action in healing ORL diseases. Strong colds, and also certain types of flu are cured with this product ; - it cleans and heals oral mucosa, especially if used in pure form (chew pieces of honey with propolis). The disadvantage in this case is that it stains teeth (the stains can be cleaned but with difficulty); it cures gum diseases and stops the evolution of cavities;   - oral candidiasis that causes thrush and stomatitis – in this case apply it as a glycerol solution;  - it is indicated in the control of asthma (in this case it is used mainly by inhaling the vapors of the tincture mixed with water in equal parts, but also by ingesting the tincture with a small amount of honey, provided that the patient has no allergy to propolis or honey) and for treating lung diseases. Its results against serious lung disease: emphysema, tuberculosis, pneumonia. Sometimes its results are better than the drugs based on synthetic antibiotics: generally, bacteria develop resistance to synthetic antibiotics, but almost no resistance to propolis; - it can be used to treat ulcers, sometimes with the ability to heal it only by itself, because it also  destroys the bacteria that causes the disease - helicobacter pylori. For the treatment of ulcer the drops are put on a piece of white bread, dried bread or toast;  - it can successfully treat urinary tract infections (also used as a tincture);  - it heals wounds and burns very well. It can heal wounds and scar tissue affecting a large area and depth. In these cases can be used powder of bee propolis. To treat some small wounds can be used ointment (propolis benefits);  - it helps the body recover after chemotherapy  and radiotherapy. It slows down the evolution of cancer, but also cirrhosis;  - it presents anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities and can be used successfully in different infections both for internal and external use;  - it relieves rheumatism and arthritis, sometimes significantly;  - it cures, generally, bacterial skin diseases.  Prophylactically, you can use honey with propolis or tincture especially to boost your immune system. In time people have noticed the benefits of propolis, and if at first they relied on intuition, on observation of its beneficial effects and on empirical use of its qualities, recently scientists have studied the biochemical composition and used it in numerous studies performed in medical laboratories and hospitals. Propolis benefits /administration rules - First test if you suffer from a possible allergy; as a general advice, similar to using all bee products, is testing an allergic reaction using only small amounts at first. Thus, start with only a drop of tincture diluted in a spoonful of tea or water, less than 10-50 mg. The natural form for chewing, or external ointment applications only on very small areas of the body. - Start normally with low doses, unless it is an emergency (internal or external massive bleeding, e.g., or burning); - Use some "vehicles" (honey, capsules, creams, suppositories); - Use application methods to achieve "target":                                        - Orally (most common);                                        - Through the skin (ointments with propolis "help" to penetrate the skin through massage,                                        acupressure);                                        - Through suppositories; - By means of physiotherapy (electrotherapy, etc.) - Use several types of propolis extract (water, alcohol, fat extracts) to make sure that you introduced most of the active, useful compounds "by force"; - Pay attention to the amount that is found in commercial preparations (some companies, in their desire to obtain maximum profits, write on the label "Propolis" in big letters, but they introduce only small traces of this product); - Pay attention to the expiration date of commercial products containing this product (as itself it is an excellent preservative, mixing it with other compounds may reduce its lifetime.) - Keep all products containing this product, especially solutions and / or preparations in a cool and dark place (one of the main groups of its active compounds are bioflavonoids; while they protect animal and plant life from the destructive action of sunlight exposure, their excessive exposure to these physical factors decreases their efficiency). - Start a detoxification program before using this product, clean the tissues where you want to apply or administer this product (itself it is a detox remedy – it helps to detoxify the body, but in order to enhance its efficiency, it should be used on a „clean” body.). - Activate the blood flow (using bee venom therapy, massage, acupressure, gymnastics, etc..) to make sure that the active compounds of this product  reach the "target", and that ideally they will help to develop all the body cells; - Activate the bio-energy of the body that crosses the meridians by means of acupressure, acupuncture, apipuncture, Shiatsu, Qigong, Yoga etc.. - Fight against concerns, jealousy, envy, melancholy, depression (according to the traditional Chinese medicine applied to apitherapy, these emotions are the largest "consumers" of propolis benefits, of its compounds) using varius psychotherapy methods; - Relax your body sufficiently, sleep sufficiently to allow your body to process all its valuable compounds efficiently;
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